NeighborSQUAD is now focused on Broadband Digital Equity

Want to keep money in your neighborhood?

You can lower the volume to stop music and just read for 30 seconds.

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Learn about our new, educational, nonprofit, Broadband Institute Foundation, and how you can benefit from joining our platform cooperative.

Take Classes on Building Broadband Infrastructure

We offer job training in the knowledge and skills needed for network engineers, network operators, installers, community managers, and “support that doesn’t suck” staff to future-proof your community. Design your infrastructure to meet your community’s needs.

Join our community of Builders

Connect with other learners and support each other. LOCALLY RUN networks are made up of nodes owned and managed by the people who put them in their homes. Learn how to build your own business, cooperative, or community run ISP.

Teach Others what you have learned

Our P2P platform cooperative enables teachers to earn revenue for the classes they lead. Our Community Forums offer a place for sharing knowledge and experiences. We provide web and mobile access for teachers and learners to connect like drivers and passengers in a ride-share app.

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Together we can make the Internet be like the sidewalk connecting people, students, teachers, nonprofits and businesses without a toll booth controlled by mega-monopolies.

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“…Fast, affordable Internet is a right, not a privilege.
The Internet, like the roads, must be open access.
Ownership and freedom of choice are an essential part of the internet.
Community-based Internet is democratized Internet…” Althea

Dr ron suarez – videohistory