Organize Your #MutualAid Group

NeighborSquad offers social networking tools to organize with your neighbors or friends wherever they live. “Facebook-like” features enable small groups to collaborate and coordinate activities, but your personal data is not a product to be sold.

A Crisis is the Time For New Ideas

Think about the people that you already know in your physical or virtual neighborhood. What are the new ideas you would like to introduce? This is the place to plan.

Use Groups to Collaborate

Small groups of people can collaborate and coordinate their activities online. These groups can function as a supplement to what teams might do in Slack. One of our additional features is the ability to create extended personal profiles. This allows you to learn more about your collaborators and to find like-minded people by searching for skillsets and interests.

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Mutual Aid Example

New York Times article about MAMAS
Feeling Powerless About Coronavirus? Join a Mutual-Aid Network A quarantine is the perfect time to get (virtually) close to your community.