liquid democracy?

Representative democracy is failing us

New tools have emerged that improve the efficiency of decentralized, bottom up Systems Innovation. NeighborSquad is a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO). Use our networking , planning and financial toolkits to conceive, plan and build your emerging or existing Social Impact organization. Your organization might be an informal group, a legal cooperative, a nonprofit or a for profit. Unlike Facebook, whose algorithms promote arguments, we provide tools to enable small groups to collaborate and coordinate activities to get shit done. Your personal data is not a product to be sold.

We are moving towards a new model of the state and society, but we are absolutely clueless as to what that is!

Pia Mancini
Let’s get a clue together!

A Crisis is the Time For New Ideas

Think about the people that you already know in your physical or virtual neighborhood. What are the new ideas you would like to introduce? This is the place to plan and access the tools needed to be successful.

You Can Start Imagining Now!

Small groups of people can collaborate and coordinate their activities online. One of our additional features is the ability to create extended personal profiles. This allows you to learn more about your collaborators and to find like-minded people by searching for skillsets and interests.

Cooperative Management Tools

Tools for 21st century democracy




Organize your collaborators in Groups and get to know each other as individual human beings who wish to communicate and get shit done, instead of just arguing on social media.



Loomio for consensus decision making

Join our Loomio group (software) for collaborative, consensus-focused decision-making about local issues. You can initiate discussions and put up proposals.



Open Collective

You can accept donations, celebrate supporters, pay expenses, receive funds by credit card, Paypal, or bank transfer, and record it all in your transparent budget.