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NeighborSQUAD is a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Organizations are made of contracts; The economy is a network of contracts.

COVID-19 Education

Systems thinking equips students for a complex world

Lately the news has had many stories of people arguing whether Critical Race Theory should be taught in the schools or not. Many of my colleagues have said that the topics covered are actually just history and opponents are simply attempting to censor historical facts. The recent debates about what to include or not include […]

Cooperative Finance

Could forming worker-owned cooperatives assist with economic recovery?

Small Systems Guild  Was a Software Worker Owned Coop In the 1980’s: An example of financing a startup with sweat equity. We Wanted to be Like a Medieval Craftsman’s Guild and the local Food Coop I was a co-founder and the Executive Director of “small systems guild” (yes, all lower case) in Ann Arbor, Michigan […]

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Time to Really “Get MAD” at the Billionaires

Get MAD it’s time to start a different kind of growth for a new economy that promotes equality.

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Mutual Aid Crowd Financing During COVID-19

Kerrytown is an Ann Arbor neighborhood which is home to wonderful restaurants, shops and the Ann Arbor Food Co-op. When I relocated back to Ann Arbor after 10 years in New York City last year, I was really happy to discover new vegan restaurants in the neighborhood. But there is much more to this story. […]

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Financing Broadband: Mutual Aid in the Time of COVID-19

The silver lining in the cloud of our current pandemic with COVID-19 is the opportunity to challenge previous assumptions that have inhibited our ability to pivot and innovate. It is time to address fundamental structural problems that we have accepted in our society. There are many things that we can do differently going forward. I […]