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    Microgrids have several features that allow them to address the issues of climate change and energy inequality:

    Islanding: Microgrids can be designed to operate independently of the macrogrid. If there are disruptions in the macrogrid like a power outage due to the wildfire or hurricane, a microgrid can enter an “islanding” mode and continue to provide power to all the connected loads.
    Renewable Power: Microgrids can also be adapted to run on renewable power sources like solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal technology which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions that damage the climate.
    Community-based: Community microgrids have special loads managed to directly benefit members of a community. They could power multiple buildings, critical facilities, or low-income housing in the community. These loads either benefit the community equally, or account for the past burdens that parts of the community may have endured. Furthermore, when a microgrid is managed and/or owned by the community, it can better serve the community as it is guided only by the wants and needs of everyone in the community, and not the profit margin of a corporation.

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