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NeighborSQUAD is a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO)

You may be wondering: "Who is behind this organization and where are we going?" This website was created by me and my wife, Margarete...

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Could forming worker-owned cooperatives assist with economic recovery?

Small Systems Guild  Was a Software Worker Owned Coop In the 1980’s: An example of financing a startup with sweat equity. We Wanted to be...

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Time to Really “Get MAD” at the Billionaires

Imagine if we could issue an alternative currency, Mutual Aid Dollars (MAD coins, like Bitcoins, or rather Stable Coins). Once upon a time US...

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Mutual Aid Crowd Financing During COVID-19

Kerrytown is an Ann Arbor neighborhood which is home to wonderful restaurants, shops and the Ann Arbor Food Co-op. When I relocated back to...

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Financing Broadband: Mutual Aid in the Time of COVID-19

The silver lining in the cloud of our current pandemic with COVID-19 is the opportunity to challenge previous assumptions that have inhibited our ability...

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About Me

Dr. Ron Suarez


2021 Founder Online learning community cooperative platform


Community Owned Internet Networks

Decentralized Power Sources

2016 NY 14th CD Bernie Delegate to DNC

2006 – present Founder – LoudFeed: Digital Strategy + Tech for social good

2011 Dev#1 Occupy Wall Street

2006 – 08 Member, Ann Arbor City Council

1988 – 2006 Founded Arbor Intelligent Systems and Object Insight

1986 – 88 Cofounder small systems guild

1981 – 85 Director, Cognitive Psychophysiology Laboratory, University of Michigan, Department of Psychiatry

Issues I care about
and would spend time on.


Digital Strategy
Online Courseware Tech
Startup Business Modeling
Survey Design


Ann Arbor, MI



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