By using Slack you can reduce the number of emails clogging up your inbox. However, you can still receive emails when a message in Slack references you directly, or someone uses the “@channel” command, which will send an email to every member who has joined that channel.

Use Slack with mobile Gmail

As seen in the mobile screenshot above you can learn how to easily forward emails into a Slack channel with a matching topic category, e.g. email notices about upcoming solar energy seminars into a “solar” channel and video conference call details about Healthcare into a “health” channel.

The screenshot below (from the video) shows the time that each section of the video begins. Use that to jump to the section of interest.

Below, you can see a selection of screenshots taken on a mobile phone using the slack app, which you can download for Apple or Android.

this screen is one of the first things you will see and it illustrates the recently updated interface. It makes it really easy to manage multiple workspaces.

This is one of the screens you will see, if you have been invited to a workspace.

slack needs to confirm that you are the actual owner of the email address you have entered.

make sure to look at the instructions you will receive an email.

here is what the email you receive looks like

here is what the rest of the email looks like.

It is best to use your real name.

some people like to add a few extra words to their name, such as the town they live in, or an organization they represent.

make sure to use a password you will remember. And other lessons we will talk about password managers to help you with this.

And now for the terms of service that few people ever read.

when you set up your profile, try to use a photo so that people can recognize you. In addition oh, there is a free form field where you can enter any text. Ideally, you should put a link to a web page that lets people know more about you. Next, quick to find a few channels to join, for example, we have a public Channel called ” Medicare for all.” We also have a private Channel and you’ll have to be invited to that one.

this screen is an example a list of channels that you can join. By default you will already be a member of a couple of channels.

for your display name, you might want to add the city or town in which you live and have that follow an actual name. Do not enter phone number unless you want that exposed to all other members. Write a few words in the field for “What I do” or enter a link to a website page that says something about you.